Data Fall, a site-specific work by Pietro Catarinella 
within Interconnessione Capitolo II – Digressione 
curated by O’Dirk Giulia Wetter Elisa Diaferia 
collective show with Tommaso Gatti and Matteo Tonelli
17th – 31st Jan 2019 – SpazioFico – via Tellini 17, Milan



DATA FALL, assemblage of inkjet prints on acetates, 3,75 m x 4,4 m x 1 m, site-specific installation within Interconnessione II Capitolo Digressione a cura di O’Dirk 17th-31st January 2019, Spazio Fico via Tellini 17, Milan, Italy

Internet Painting, assemblage of prints and drawings on layers of acetate, alluminium frames, 240x180x120 cm
Documentation of the work in a bipersonal show at Viafarini Studios, Via Farini 35, Milan

Anatomies – The Others Art Fair, Turin, 2018 
a site-specific within“Prospettive dell’infrasottile” curated by Butik Collective

Liminar Archive

site-specific installation produced and exhibited within VIR – Viafarini-in-residence